The quality of your life is determined by the nutrient quality of your food in more ways than one

Hi, welcome to Real Medicine, Real Health website. I am Arden Andersen and this is my site.  There are many websites about health and wellness, organic farming, alternative energy, green technology, environment and politics.  I have spent my life studying, working in and teaching about all of these topics.  I believe they are all connected.  The problems is, few if any of our government workers or politicians have a clue how all these areas are interconnected.  Follow along and I will help you connect the dots.

Natural Law guides all living processes in the universe.  It is the basis of all science, whether understood, misunderstood or yet undiscovered.  Natural Law was one of the foundations upon which the United States of America was founded and the Constitution written.  Cicero said, "True law is right reason in agreement with nature; it is of universal applikcation, unchanging and everlasting; it summans to duty by its commands, and averts from wrongdoing by it prohititians.

In the natural world the principle of Natural Law is played out in the process to maintain health; successful perpetuation of the living organism.  In other words, nature provides the mechanisms for all organisms to maintain health and an equal mechanism for eliminating those organisms that are not healthy.  This elimination mechanism is what we call disease.

In the crudest sense parasites or predators are the ultimate recycling mechanism taking out the sick, weak, and mentally challenged.  This aspect of natural law pervades from the microscopic as our immune system and microbial communities through to the great beasts of the world.  Passifism parishes rapidly in nature whether it be due to a weakened immune system that succombs to an infection or an indifferent zebra that is easily caught and eaten by a lion.

Applying this understanding to our food production seems to be ever confusing to most people.  There is the false belief that insects, disease and weeds are all "normal" consequences of life on this planet competing with human existance.  Natural Law has not and does not change just because we are now talking about commercial food production.  The underlying issue is nutrition; that nutrition necessary to grow and mature healthy cell structures developing into harvetable food crops for animal and human, alike.  The genetic "blueprint" calls for a complete nutrient supply at every step of the growing process.  Just as certain nutrient deficiencies occuring at different stages of human gestation will cause birth defects  such as spina bifida, so will nutrient deficiencies during plant growth and developement cause defects in the final food harvested. 

The fundamental purpose of our consuming food is to gain and maintain sustenance, nutrition and energy.  To the degree that the growing practices short the plant of nutrients, so will we be shorted of those same nutrients upon consuming these plants and animals.  To the degree our needed sustenance is shorted, so will our regenerative and immune processes be compromised allowing for premature aging, mal or compromised functioning, disease manifestation and premature death to occur.

Health is about nutrition.  Nutrition determines the environment and our responses to our environment.  Environment determines genetic expression.  With that understanding, it should be clear that our problems do not reside in the genetics, rather in the nutritional management of our diets whether it is the diets of plants or of humans.  No form or fashion of genetic engineering will correct the nutrition that ultimately determines the genetic expression, itself.